Dr. Barry Thompson provides transformational learning strategies and solutions, including measuring the impact of training for organizations in numerous industries including healthcare, finance, hi tech, services, travel & Leisure, telecom, and manufacturing industries, both domestic and international. Dr. Barry Thompson, a leading authority of transformational and measureable corporate training programs, founded his company with an aim to use unparalleled project management, instructional design, strategic curriculum development, and technology expertise to ensure that those trained will reach mastery in their lives as well as become exceptional performers in their organization.

THE PROCESS: Dr. Thompson and his team provide a detailed and proven process for delivering what our clients need and want. This is a 4-step process:thompsonb-9-4x5

1. DISCOVERY: The first and most critical step in delivering a successful training solution is to understand the requirements of the customer, the environment in to which the solution will be implemented and what are the success factors articulated by the customer. Care must be taken to clearly understand the goals for the learners, the learner context and the curriculum required to meet the customer’s objectives. As a result, this step must be done in conjunction with the customer and should include subject matter experts from the client’s organization;

2. RECOMMENDATIONS: Based on the detailed obtained during the discovery step, Dr. Thompson and his team of trained experts will structure a training plan to maximize the client’s resources and minimize disruption. The recommendation will include the course program with sub-modules, material to be used, assessments to be incorporated, costs, and a layout of the optimal time frame. Dr. Barry’s team will seek to successfully deliver all the requirements of the client within the agreed parameters;

3. DELIVERY: The proposed recommendation will use all proven methods to maximize the outcomes. This can include

  •  Coaching: One-on-One coaching with goals, outcomes and tasks;
  •  Keynote: This is typically used for larger groups who wish to have a high-level overview of a topic in a short-session;
  •  Lunch & Learn: This is a 45-minute session conducted during a normal break in business and can be used to introduce a topic and gain support for the long-term project;
  •  Seminars: These are in-seat sessions with a group of attendees and can be from 1, 4 or 7 hours to 2-4 day events. These sessions usually include breakout sessions, workshops, team projects, individual and team exercises, experiential session (usually outdoors) and include workbooks and assessments;
  •  Seminar Series: A series session is a pre-defined set of seminars that cover a selected set of interrelated topics. A series can be held over a week, month or even a year:
  •  Webinars: Training may be conducted using technology such as Skype or Webex or similar services. These can stand on their own or can be part of a larger training experience. These can also be interactive and global in their reach.

4. OUTCOME ASSESSMENT: We differ from many companies in this market in that we deliver measured results that your organization specifies. In addition, we provide a detailed analysis of an organization’s Return on Learning Investment (ROLI), an indicator of the transformational change taking place in your company.  Assessments can be conducted in written, verbal, observation and electronic forms. Formative assessments are conducting during the learning experience so that adjustments can be made if required. Summative assessments are conducted after the learning experience and are most commonly a series of questions about the completed course. The results are analyzed for the client and delivered on completion of the report. For assessment purposes, we ask the question: How has your organization benefited from our measured learning solutions? Here are a few examples:

  •  Increased resolution of your call center teams
  •  Increased productivity of your worker
  •  Improved dental case plan close rate
  •  Decrease in error rate on your production lines
  •  Reduced customer/patient churn
  •  Reduced training cost
  •  Improved time to productivity by new hires
  •  Uniform learning across the enterprise
  •  Increased knowledge retention of your worker

With a wealth of experience in corporate and academic learning systems, a proven track record of increasing productivity and reducing corporate training costs, plus exceptional technology skills, we are perfectly equipped to assist you with your corporate training objectives.

GOALS/OBJECTIVES: The goal of Dr. Thompson’s training services is to assist leaders and employee boost their performance. Organizations that invest resources in employee performance, consistently rank at the top of their industry. Those that outsource training functions partner with accredited and certified training companies that provide measurable results at a reasonable cost. From the smaller, formal, interactive training session to a humorous and exciting keynote event, we know how to empower your organization and ensure proven results.

TRAINING DELIVERY METHODS: There are two primary forms of training offered by Dr. Thompson and his team:

  1. In-Seat Training
  2. Web-based Training

Numerous clients of Dr. Barry Thompson have gained significant value by combining these forms of training on a continuing basis.

TRAINING TYPES: Dr. Thompson offers various types of training content. These include:

  •  Standard Training: Dr. Thompson has over 30 standard courses that have been certified and proven to be effective. These are tailored for each audience based on the needs of attendee. Sessions usually are appropriate for half day or full day sessions spread over a single period of time or as an annual program. Click here for an example of some of our common speaking-topics.
  •  Turnkey Training: Dr. Barry’s team will design, develop and deploy powerful training programs, courses and modules which will deliver the knowledge required. Most of these training courses will include attendee manuals, exercises, examples and workshops to reinforce the content. These courses can be deployed for in-seat classes, implemented on the client’s website, via the web or a combination of all of these. Click here for examples of these experiential-learning-agenda-v1 courses;
  •  Repurposed Training: We are able to transfer all courses presented into various formats. All courses presented can be redesigned and reformatted to be loaded onto a website, transferred to a training DVD, or both. Most repurposes training are presented in 20- 40 minute modules.
  •  Leadership Training: Dr. Thompson specializes in the training of effective leaders. This includes course material derived from thought-leaders in this area as well as coaching, feedback, accountability and scenario-based exercises. These are usually conducted over a period of weeks or months for optimal effect. Click here for an example of a entrepreneurship-education-curriculum_summary.
  •  Lunch & Learns: Lunch& Learns are a powerful mean to generate excitement for a training strategy. These are short, engaging, memorable, 1-hour sessions that often lead to greater participation and enthusiasm for further training. Click here for some examples for cofclunch-and-learn-abstract
  •  Keynote Addresses: Dr. Thompson brings his experience, knowledge and skills to a larger audience. These sessions are normally a one-off session with a powerful and exciting presentation on a current and relevant issue;
  •  Coaching: The experienced and certified leaders of this program will engage with each attendee on a one-on-one basis as executive coaching every week or month.  The coach will help identify important challenges and opportunities. Together, the coach and mentor will sort through the list and decide which items to address. Together we will process the issues and help map out a plan of action and hold the coached accountable to stay on plan.
  • Cohort Training: In this format, selected attendees are teams or groups made up of cohorts of no more than 15 people each. The content is specific to the group with defined goals, and objectives. These cohorts will process through programs together over a period of weeks or months. Training will take the form of experiential training, classroom training, workshops and enforcement activities, documentation, and even guest speakers. Social media, intra- and inter-cohort networking events, milestone events, and other forms of integrated learning will be integrated into this program. The material to be used is proven in the field and can provide credits for tasks completed. An example of the program training outline is based on the theme of Confidence to Grow Your Business.

confidence ANALYZE AND REPORT: Personal and cohort assessments is conducted at each training, network, and coaching event. This takes the form of confidential written assessments as well as video recorded assessments of the progress and impact of the program, if requested. These will be held in strict confidence but will have the approval to share with the management of our client. A baseline assessment can be conducted at the commencement of each program, if requested. It will evaluate various key attributes of success and track the progress through the life of the program.