One of the greatest challenges a leader faces is to find and maintain the optimal balance of people and processes in order to achieve their goals.

Focus: Dr. Thompson’s consulting services encompasses three integrated facets of your organization: The People (The Who), The Processes (The How) and The Purpose (The Why). With over 35 years of global executive leadership experience, Dr. Barry provides fresh insight, advise, recommendations and a sounding boards for you and your organization. Areas that may be considered are

  • Financial Services & Planningthompsonb-4-4x5
  • HR/Practice Management
  • The role of the Office Manager
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Technology
  • Partners & Referrals
  • Customer/Patient Care
  • Risk Management

Ultimately, the primary focus is your success.

Process: The tested and proven iterative consulting methodology has three phases:

Phase 1: Discovery: This is the most important phase and starts with completion of a questionnaire by the owner(s) and office staff followed by extensive follow up interviews to better understand the people and processes that underpin the organization. A comprehensive summary is developed based on the questionnaire and interviews.


Phase 2: Develop: After an extensive analysis of all information gathered from the questionnaire and the interviews a planning meeting is scheduled with all of the key stakeholders (owners, partners, office management team, etc.). The goals are defined, various options are discussed and reviewed and a “go to” strategy is agreed on.

Phase 3: Deliver:  The next phase is delivery of the “go to” strategy. This phase follows a project plan with ROI deliverables, tasks, resources, costs and quality checks along the way. It is imperative that the implementation is followed and Dr. Thompson and his team will hold the key leaders accountable for the success of the implementation. They also use tools to analyze and report on the progress of the implementations as well as factors that may create a risk to success.

Traditional coaching programs often deliver a one-time training workshop or program and then move on to their next customer. Dr. Thompson and his team took the time to get to know our organization, and then worked with us to develop a realistic plan to meet our goals. They stayed with us throughout the whole process and were as vested in the outcomes as we were. We felt we had a true partner who was committed to our success.”             – Dr. T Winston, DDS