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Helping You Confidently Reach Your Goals.


Have you ever noticed that two people with similar skills and knowledge can produce very different results? Some people just have that “X factor” and we want it, too. In a world where the smallest of margins can make an enormous difference, we welcome any way to have that “X factor” that will improve our performance. 

Gain the secrets to living a confident life through Dr. Barry Thompson’s seminars and book on the role of confidence will play in your performance. The leading expert in the field of confidence-driven performance, Dr. Thompson’s seminars focus on what confidence is and what it isn’t, how to get it and how to lose it, and how anyone can improve their performance and gain that margin that will give them an edge. Learn the success factors that lead to improving your performance in all areas of your life.

A much sought-after expert on the subject of employee and leadership performance optimization, Dr. Thompson advises leaders of growing organizations how to effectively improve their own performance and that of their employees. For over 10 years, Dr. Thompson has been advising, training and coaching leaders in both the for-profit and non-profit markets. He has extensive international experience after spending over 25 years in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) market.

From Alaska to Africa, Dr. Thompson has addressed thousands of ordinary people seeking to find that confident edge. With advanced degrees from Liberty, Oxford and Colorado, his humorous and folksy style make him a perfect fit for all audiences, for whom he lectures on leadership, ethics, communication, and multigenerational in the workplace. As a powerful storyteller and motivational speaker, Dr. Thompson has received numerous awards for his teaching and speaking.

Dr. Thompson has spoken at events for some of the world’s leading organizations, including IBM, Oracle, British Telcom, Vodacom, the British Parliament’s Committee on Learning, Harrah’s and numerous healthcare and other non-profit associations. He has been particularly successful while engaged with healthcare practices that seek to improve the delivery of their services. His style has been described as “fun but powerful,” “life changing,” and “one-of-a-kind,” as he uses real-life examples to encourage individuals, leaders and organizations to optimize their performance to meet the challenges of the global marketplace.

Awards and Honors

• SAP Regional Executive of the Year
• Oracle’s Education Vendor of the Year
• Unica’s Global Business Development Executive of the Year
• IBM’s Communicator of the Year (EMEA)